Signs Of Kidney Stones In Women - Know The Early Symptoms

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Kidney stones are not easy to handle, especially with the intensity of pain that they can create. Before, kidney stones happened typically in men, however these days, women are also prone to this kind of disorder and their cases are a bit increasing. This has occurred due to the incorrect lifestyle nowadays.

Although the signs of kidney stones in women are pretty much alike in men, women have greater threshold for pain because their bodies are ready to give birth. A lot of women think that the kidney stone pain is identical with the intensity of pain one can get from giving birth.

There are so many common signs of kidney stones in women, but the main one is the lower back pain felt in the kidney area, normally on one side but not both concurrently. The level of pain may either be constant or disrupted. It will hardly ever fade away entirely. Although the pain may disperse by taking an analgesic tablet, however, the degree of pain will presumably increase and its location will become more specific after a few hours or even days.

Also, there can be a burning sensation and a feeling of stomach cramping upon urinating. Frequently, kidney stones are associated with urinary tract infections because the stone is likely to tear the flesh as it moves in your body, which can be a source of further problems. Bleeding, discoloration and sturdy smell of urine, with a frequent yearning to urinate may also be observed.

Likewise, fever, chills, and vomiting may also be present. Intake of beverages and other alcoholic products can be a factor responsible for the increasing incidence of kidney stones in women because they are more sensitive to them compared to men.

It is very essential to detect the occurrence of kidney stones at the earliest time possible. Otherwise, they could be dangerous. Since roughly 80 percent of kidney stones consist of calcium aggregates, women who take calcium supplements should be extra careful. Some research studies showed that the danger of kidney stones decreases radically if these supplements are consumed as a part of a meal rather than an enhancement to food.

Kidney stones should be taken seriously because it causes complications like inflammations, blockages, and infections that can lead to death. However, most signs of kidney stones in women and men as well, do not normally show unless they are big enough to cause problems.

This is also the reason why women tend to keep their bodies free from this disease by doing habitual kidney flushes and further natural cleansing techniques. Thus, it is always wise to get medical attention as soon as these symptoms appear to prevent further problems.
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Signs Of Kidney Stones In Women - Know The Early Symptoms

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This article was published on 2010/11/30